Initiating sibling sponsorship involves filing a Form I-130 Petition, a crucial step for securing permanent residency for siblings in the U.S. However, the process faces challenges like significant backlogs and limited visa availability, leading to extended waiting periods, often spanning 12-15 years or more based on the country of birth.

Despite the lengthy wait, IBP Immigration Law provides comprehensive support. Our experienced attorneys navigate the complexities efficiently, ensuring the proper handling of procedures and addressing potential delays. Notably, Green Card holders cannot petition for their siblings’ U.S. residency, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right legal guidance. Choose IBP Immigration Law for reliable support in achieving successful and secure outcomes in sibling immigration.

The Green Card Process for Siblings of U.S. Citizens

Upon the approval of the petition, and the availability of the immigrant visa, the sibling may apply for a green card in the United States (Form I-485) if he or she meets the eligibility requirements for adjustment of status. In this scenario, the local USCIS office may or may not invite the sibling for an interview.

The most common scenario is when a sibling lives outside the United States. The sibling often waits for the approval of the visa petition and the immigrant visa to become available. Once the visa is available, the sibling will “Consular Process” through the National Visa Center and attend an immigrant visa interview at the U.S. Embassy / Consular Post.

Can my sibling come to the United States while the petition is pending?

An approved immigrant visa petition is not an immigrant visa. It does not give the sibling any immigration benefits. The sibling may come to the United States if he/she has a valid visa. If the sibling comes to the United States with a non-immigrant visa, the sibling must ensure that he/she does not violate the terms of the non-immigrant visa. Violations of Immigration or other laws may bar the sibling from eventually entering the United States with the immigrant visa issued through the sibling petition.

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